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#1 – Purpose Before Profit

In the book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren says, “Without purpose, life is activity without direction and events without reason. Purpose defines who you are, what you do and more importantly, what you do not do.” The same principles should apply to business and yet sadly, often, that is not the case. We believe that one’s business should be a reflection of one’s personal values. Not vise versa. Every team member will be given the opportunity to build a business with personal resonance. Our business is more than just a ‘numbers game.’ The goal is not to just sell another house or five or ten. Rather, we believe a successful real estate business is the vehicle that allows us to fund a bigger vision. And in turn, make a bigger impact in the lives of others.

#2 – Our Clients Are Our Cause

We believe that there is no greater cause to fight for than the well-being, protection and superior results of our clients. Richard Marcinko, Navy commando and creator of the legendary Seal Team Six wrote in his book, “You have to have a cause. If you aren’t fighting for something bigger than yourself, you are nothing more than an ambitious, opportunistic asshole who’s trying to claw his way to the top.” We all know the real estate industry is full of those types. They only fight for themselves. As a result, they are a threat to our clients and they are not welcome here.

#3 – ‘Giving Back’ is Our Privilege

Attempting to inspire the community and connect with people on a deeper level will always guide our decisions and actions. We believe in giving back … not because it’s good for business but because we have the privilege and responsibility to do so. Each team member is encouraged to whole-heartedly support the charitable endeavors closest to his or her soul. The Third Pillar Impact Fund directs a percentage of each company dollar earned, back to worthy causes. We operate by a simple code – ‘Profit for a Purpose.’

#4 – Respect Yourself / Reject the Status Quo

To put it bluntly, in real estate, the status quo is demoralizing. Cold call. Door knock. Beg family & friends for business. It is fueled by self-interest. Driven by greed and short-term gain. Theirs is an overwhelming pressure to amass leads. Ours is a consistent focus on developing relationships. Everything they do, we do differently. We do not door knock. We do not cold call. We do not beg. We do not chase. We know better. We know that successful businesses are built on the back of referrals. Referrals stem from trust. And there is no quicker way to bankrupt trust than to conform to these petulant practices. If you want to beg, pester and annoy, there are plenty of places within the real estate industry you can do that. But not here. As a member of Property Coast Team, you must have the courage to stand up and fight the status quo, respect yourself and defend your character.

#5 – You’re Either Growing or Dying. We Choose Growth

Tony Robbins is fond of saying, that in life, you are either growing or you are dying. There is no middle ground. We choose growth. Growth comes through experimentation and discomfort. Growth can be messy. It requires time. But as Tom Bilyeau, Co-owner of Quest Nutrition, reminds us, “It doesn’t matter who you are today. It only matters who you want to become and how hard you are willing to become that person.” So we will continue to experiment. Push forward. Make mistakes. Learn from them and try again. This is the only way that breakthroughs and personal growth can’t happen.

#6 – Burn the Free Fuel (A.R.E)

There is a saying at Disney, “It’s not the magic that makes it work, it’s the way we work that makes it magic.” Appreciation, Recognition and Encouragement (A.R.E) – together, they create a “cost-free, fully sustainable fuel … one that builds self-confidence and self-esteem … one that boost individual performance and keeps organizations running smoothly.” That, according to Lee Cockrell, former executive Vice-President of operations at Walt Disney World. As Cockrell put it, “A.R.E is more powerful than the fuel that makes engines roar and space shuttles soar . . .” We couldn’t agree more and that’s why at Property Coast, Free Fuel, is the only type of fuel that we burn.

#7 – Extreme Ownership is the Ultimate Form of Leadership

As stated previously, in tenet #2, Our Clients Are Our Cause. Our job is to understand each client’s purpose – their objectives – and lead accordingly. Their success becomes our mission. The best leaders take extreme ownership of everything that impacts their mission. Our job is to provide command, control and coordination. To enroll the client in the process. To communicate the plan in a simple, clear and concise manner. We set the standard. We drive performance. We make sure that everyone understands their role. Whether or not our clients succeed or fall short depends on our leadership. No excuses offered, none accepted.

#8 – Always Execute ‘The Approach’

In order to protect our clients’ interests and ensure consistent results, we must Execute ‘The Approach.’ This directive is not optional. Nor is it open for discussion. There is a disciplined methodology to everything we do. Our standardized protocol is engineered to deliver a first-class client experience. Our clients deserve to have unwavering confidence that our services, each and every time, will deliver the same superior outcome. We must remain sharp, consistent and on point at all times. Attention to detail matters. Anything less will invariably lead to inferior results for our clients.

#9 – Ego is the Enemy of Team

Real estate is an industry built on ego. We all know that. It’s epidemic. Agents want their name on everything. In their mind, they are the stars of the show. In all my years, I am yet to witness a person of ego sacrifice for or give generously to another. They, frankly, are too self-indulged to fight for a cause bigger than themselves. Further, the ego-driven agent feeds on drama, gossip and negative energy. In no time, his energy spreads. It’s contagious. It’s divisive. And IT has no place on the Property Coast team. We are a team with shared purpose and mutual respect. There is no hidden agenda. We challenge and inspire each other through thoughts, ideas and observations. We fight together. Side by side. We have each others’ back and as a result, we win together. No matter the outcome.

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