Marina Pacifica Open House

Marina Pacifica Open House

I’ve been doing open houses.  As many as I possibly can.  It’s a great way for me to interact with people and potentially find new clients.  But what happens when hardly anyone shows up at your open houses?  Especially a Marina Pacifica Open House?  Let’s find out!

Marina Pacifica Open House

I really wish I could setup a camera and film an entire open house.  But I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable so I usually don’t.  My business takes priority over filming.


This is the 2nd time I’ve held a Marina Pacifica Open house.  Both were on a Sunday.  And while there are times people do come by, there are 2 hour blocks where no one comes by.

Usually my open houses last for 6 hours.  12 until 6 p.m.  I structure this because about 3 to 4 p.m., most agents close their open houses and I’m one of the last ones still open which drives traffic my way towards the end of the day.  This gives me the last opportunity to “interview” with potential clients and create a lasting impression.

During the open house, I do my best to be the resource for anyone who has questions.  In this open house, I met a lady who owned a piece of property and was considering selling it to purchase one of the Marina Pacifica Condos for Sale.  Before too long, I walked her through how she could borrow some equity from her property, use that as a large downpayment on this particular condo and then have her tenants pay off the equity loan.  Being a landlord has a bad rap however it’s a matter of finding the right tenants.  And 99% of all tenants out there are good tenants.

No matter if you’re a buyer or seller, I always try to have something of value to give you.  As of this writing, I’m working on incorporating these items into this website.  Real estate is one of those topics that everyone gets excited about.  Whether you own or planning on owning, it’s something everyone wants.  I treat my role as a guide for everyone to help them along their path.  Whether new or experienced, I like to contribute something positive to their journey.

Click to view the condo I did the open house for.

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