Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale June 2016

Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale June 2016

And we’re back at it again, looking at Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale for June 2016.  Believe it or nuts, The Toledo is still the most expensive home.  But rather than copy-paste that blog article here we’ll take a look at Long Beach’s 2nd Most Expensive home.  Bust out the Cristal my pretties because it’s time for us to take a walk on the wild side of real estate.

Long Beach Most Expensive Home June 2016

Long Beach Most Expensive Home JuneFirst of all, it should be of no surprise that this beautiful home is also located on Naples Island.  Naples in Italian means “Money”.  You know that stuff that you use to stuff your mattress.  What is this?  You are married and have 3 kids?  This five bedroom, 7 bath home ensures that not only every family member can answer the call to nature at the same time but so can your two dogs.  Bathrooms for everyone!  Be rest assured that there are probably bathrooms on every level of this “Three or More Level” home.  Three or more?!?  Why so mysterious?  Maybe it has three …. maybe it has ten.  I looked up the owner of the property and it belongs to some family trust called “Wayne Family”.  Hidden levels?  Wayne Family?  Draw your own conclusions.

And if you do run out of bathrooms, I’m sure there’s a bathroom (head) on at least one of the two boats you’ll have anchored at the two boat slips that comes with this beauty.Exterior_Sky

Since you have five bedrooms and five family members, it only makes sense to have 6 parking spots.  I guess your dogs can carpool.  Now the parking is subterranean and like every other home in America this gem comes with an elevator.  Worried you were going to have to walk?  Gasp!  Even if it didn’t have an elevator, you could ask your butler Jeeves to carry you downstairs.  It’s good to have options.  All kidding aside, you’ll be happy to know that the garage does come with a garage door opener.

Here’s a conversation that might take place with your Thurston Howell the 3rd accent.

Lovey: “It’s too hot.  Ugh.  73 degrees?  Darling, would you turn on the air conditioning?”

Thurston: “Certainly Lovey.  Shall we have electric or gas air conditioning?”

Lovey:  “Today?  Let’s do electric.  You know how gas makes me giddy.”

FamilyRoomNumber3That’s right!  For your air conditioning needs, Long Beach’s most expensive home for sale offers you the choice of either electric or gas.  Need to do laundry?  Just kidding!  Of course not!  You have Jeeves!  When Jeeves does your laundry, make sure to specify if you want to use the electric or gas dryer.  Personally there’s something about the feel of shirt fresh from the electric dryer that a gas dryer can’t match.

So what’s the difference between wall-to-wall carpet and partially carpeted?  Who cares? This place has both!

Lovey: “Darling, there’s too much carpet in here.  It hurts my eyes.”

Thurston: “Well Lovey, we can always go into the 3rd family room.  It only has partial carpet.”

Lovey:  “You mean walk?  I don’t feel like it.  Jeeves!  Can we move the carpet in here to the other room and bring the partial carpet into this room?”

How many liquor bottles can you make out?And if you call for Jeeves, and he doesn’t answer because he’s making use of the wet bar near the maid’s quarters, you can always use the phone system.  Phone system?  Yes!  That’s right true believers!  No ordinary phones installed here.  This place has a Phone System.  It probably has it’s own PBX exchange and perhaps it’s own operator who runs the exchange.

OK.  Enough joking around.  The large master suite (as opposed to the tiny master suite) has a separate dressing area with glass blocks.  Why have a separate dressing area if people can watch you get dressed?  Trust me.  No one wants to see me get dressed.  Not even me.  I close my eyes.

Now that I have that image planted securely in your head it’s time to talk about the HOA fees.  Brace yourself.  Most noteworthy, you’re part of an HOA community.  To be a part of this community, your HOA fees come to $500/year.  Hello?  Are you still there?  Yep, $500/year.  That’s not a typo.  Shoot, last weekend I did an open house at a Marina Pacifica Condo for Sale and the HOA fees were $500+ per month.  $500 for the year!  Of course next to the $29,717 monthly mortgage payment, maybe $500 per year isn’t so bad.


In conclusion, this place definitely has options which is all anyone can want.  By Jeeves carrying you a few feet, you can change your view, your room, and your attitude.  Just be sure that the security system, the smoke detector, will keep you safe while you sleep on your mattress made of money.

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