Long Beach Most Expensive Home for May

Long Beach Most Expensive Home for May

Summer is quickly approach and in real estate terms this means more houses are coming on the market.  As of today, Long Beach Most Expensive home hit the market two days ago and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Let’s jump into the details.

Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale for May 2016

Long Beach Most Expensive HomeUsually when we think of most expensive homes, we think nearer the water.  For the most part, this is true.  The closer you get to the water, more expensive properties become.  But this little gem is sitting right on the water’s edge on Naples Island.

Address:  5940 East The Toledo

Asking Price: $7,495,000

Coming in at over 5,300 square feet of living space, this 4 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath tri-level home will surely knock your socks off.  But don’t worry – I’m sure the butler (Jeeves) will have your socks dry cleaned before your butt hits the floor.  Even the address sounds expensive.  “East the Toledo”?  It couldn’t be “East Toledo”.  Oh no.  It has to be “East The Toledo”.

5940_Top_ViewsThe top level of this gorgeous home is your terrace.  During the impending zombie apocalypse, you can stand on top and throw stuff down at the hordes with ease while sipping on champagne and caviar.  There probably won’t be that many zombies because this dream home sits on a private street with no public access.  So it won’t be too bad.  Until that happens, you can image how nice this view is on the 4th of July or … well, any other day you manage to sit on top and wave to your neighbors in Hawaii.  The good news is there is no helipad so you won’t have to ask Jeeves to move your lounge chairs when Bill Gates flies in to visit.

So you’re sitting on the first floor, doing curls with your 12-ounce BEvERage of choice and slamming Dorritos like it’s a famine.  It hits you: Crap! I left the TV remove on the 4th floor!  Panic sets in.  How do you climb 4-floors without breaking a sweat, get the remote, get back down to change the channel so you can watch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy with Dr. McDumpster?  Dude, we got you covered.  An elevator will take you to all four levels, ensuring your heart-beat doesn’t exceed 70 bpm.

Whew!  That was close!

The 3-car garage, with floors so clean you could eat off them, also has a Sports Car Lift.  Because … well, you need one right?  Who doesn’t?

Now with all that square footage, 4 levels – you can go for days without seeing your family.  Which could be a good thing.

For the description of this house, every bedroom is proceeded with the adjective “large”, “grand”.  Which means one bedroom is bigger than my house.  Custom walk-in closets and Double closets means the closets are bigger than my house.  For sure.  My Craftsman has closets the size of telephone booths.  Remember those?

To earn the title of “Long Beach Most Expensive Home”, you should have a dock.  And the dock is huge!  When the Queen Mary sets sail, it’s first stop is here.  80 feet of pure boat-loving fun.  I’m sure Paul Allen would stop by on one of his smaller boats and say hello.


Yes, I am making fun of this listing but all in good spirits.  Real estate is my passion and I certainly am not trying to tear anyone down.  My take is that it’s ok to have a sense of humor about these things.  But stay tuned – next month, we’ll be taking a look at another one of “Long Beach Most Expensive Homes”.


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