Long Beach Best Restaurants: Saint and Second

Long Beach Best Restaurants: Saint and Second

Long Beach has a myriad of restaurants.  With so much cultural diversity, you would be hard-pressed not to find any type of cuisine you wanted to eat on any given day of the week.  A few of them stand out and earn the right to be in the category “Long Beach Best Restaurants” and certainly Saint and Second is one of them.

Long Beach Best Restaurants:  Saint and Second

Saint and Second Long Beach Best Restuarants

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Saint and Second is conveniently located on …. well, Saint and Second Street in Belmont shores.  And it’s hard to miss.  With it’s rich, dark wood exterior combined with large windows it definitely stands out.  Lucille’s BBQ use to be located in this spot, not too long ago.  The spot certainly didn’t sit vacant for too long before construction began on the newest addition to 2nd Street in Belmont Shores.

Saint and Second Long Beach Best RestaurantsWhen you first walk in, you already know what to expect.  This certainly is not a run-down, second rate greasy-spoon type of place.  It’s a bistro.  You can tell by the quality of …. everything.  From the arrangements of the tables to the neatly organized, top-shelf liquor shelf.  The kitchen is completely exposed and everything look so clean you dare not want to dirty it.

We were there for lunch and so our mind-frame was something delicious, something light.

Of course this meant alcohol.

The mere mention of a whisky-flight made my mouth water.  In case you don’t know, a whiskey flight is a bunch of small shot glasses that contain different types of whiskey.  It’s a great way to get drunk sample different kinds/brands of whiskey and perhaps discover something new.  Because it was lunch, I passed on that and simply ordered a nice dry whiskey (neat) for my meal.  For me, that would be Bullit Rye Whiskey.

Duck Meatball Lamb Belly Kimchi

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Appetizers:  Duck Meatballs and Lamb Belly, Korean Style

I’m a Duck fanatic.  If prepared properly, Duck will make you cry.  But in a meatball form?  OK. I will certainly give it a shot.  And was not disappointed.  Of course the Lamb Belly, Korean style was fantastic.  I’m not too sure out the Kim Chi it was served with but as a dish in it’s entirety, it was delicious.

Lunch:  Steak-House Tri-Tip Sandwich

I almost went with oysters.  I was sooooo close to getting it.  With the way everything had gone so far, I knew their oysters had to be delicious.  But alas, I opted for the tri-tip sandwich.  Tri-tip is yummy (if done property) and this place certainly did it correctly.  I made short work of the sandwich, even though it was a decent size.  I thought $18 was a bit steep for a sandwhich but everything was delicious and I was a bit tipsy from my whiskey.

Old Fashion and Moscow MuleA short while later, we decided to stop in just for a happy hour style visit.  Usually I don’t write a review about a place unless I’ve been there twice.  So now we had an excuse to go!  If I’m going to toss Saint and Second into the “Long Beach Best Restaurants” category then I need to make sure and test it.  Right?

I finally got brave and ordered an Old Fashion.  I’m very picky about where I get my Old Fashions.  If they are not done right, then it’s like drinking band-aids. I rolled the dice and sure enough the bar-tender hit it out of the park.  Delicious.

The only thing we were disappointed by was the fact that there was no happy hour menu.  We were seated upstairs, in the outdoor patio area.  This section is obviously just meant to relax and take it easy with some good drinks, good friends and good food.  But we were stuck with ordering full-appetizers which, with the sauce, can get messy to eat.  On this adventure, we rolled with some of those mouth-drooling Truffled Fries.  Fries are tricky in that they have a very small shelf-life.  About 8 minutes.  After that, they get cold and (depending on the restaurant) either soggy or hard.  Who likes soggy fries?


Saint and Second has definitely earned a spot in the “Long Beach Best Restaurants” category.  It costs a pretty penny but the quality of the food, the quality of the service, the quality of the bar makes it a special place to go and chat.  It would also be perfect to take that client of yours to and impress them a bit.

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