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Best Diner in Long Beach

We all get that craving for some simple, great-tasting soul touching food served with a genuine smile. Don't we? Here's our vote for the best diner experience in Long Beach: The Potholder Cafe. Best Diner in Long Beach Forget froufrou.  Forget white glove service.  This is a diner experience.  Casual, no-stress environment simply meant to provide [...]

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Best Hamburger in Long Beach

There is something about a good hamburger that turns ordinary people into drooling machines.  And the rest of the world seems to laugh at the hamburger, making jokes that this is American cuisine at it’s finest.  They shut up pretty quick when they have a good hamburger.  Anyway of all the burger joints, which one [...]

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Best Breakfast in Long Beach: Berlin Bistro

Long Beach is bursting at the seams with great restaurants.  I tip my hat to those who are brave enough, and gutsy enough, to put their cuisine forward for the world to sample and either love, or trash, online.  Many places serve a great breakfast.  But few would be considered to be the best breakfast [...]

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