Long Beach Events for 6-3-2016

There’s way too many activities going on in Long Beach for them to make this list.  This is just a smattering of what’s happening.  From eating pie to buying tie dye shirts to enjoying Tchaikovsky.  Here’s a list of Long Beach Events happening this weekend. […]

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Long Beach Events for 5-27-2016

What do Sidney Poitier, an 80’s tribute band, Jelly Fish and a flea market have in common?  Long Beach of course!  And this isn’t just any weekend but rather Memorial Day weekend.  There are many Long Beach Events happening.  Buckle up butter cup because here we go! […]

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What is Escrow?

Escrow is a term a lot of people throw around. But do you know what it means or what goes into it? Don’t worry: it’s not like a sausage factory. Escrow is a normal part when you buy a home in Long Beach and is designed to protect you. Let’s delve into this topic of [...]

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Why Termite Inspections are Important

There are two types of homes in Long Beach. Those that have termites and those that will have termites. It’s only a question of time. A termite inspection isn’t required BUT it’s highly recommended for anyone buying a home in Long Beach. From the types of termites to the termite inspection to the termite report and [...]

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Home Inspection in Long Beach

One of the most critical aspects of buying a home in Long Beach is the home inspection process.  It’s during this step that the buyer (and seller) understands the true state of the property and can make intelligent decisions regarding what to do next. […]

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Long Beach Events for 5-20-2016

I used my dowsing rod (aka the internet) and saw that this weekend brings high 60’s, low 70’s with some partly sunny skies.  Very little chance of rain so there’s no real excuse to sit inside and do nothing!  Unless you want to.  This weekend is concert listing simply because so many great musicians are playing [...]

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Long Beach Most Expensive Home for May

Summer is quickly approach and in real estate terms this means more houses are coming on the market.  As of today, Long Beach Most Expensive home hit the market two days ago and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Let’s jump into the details. […]

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