Prevent the Home Warranty Scam

Every time you turn around, a new scam pops up. If you’re looking to prevent becoming the victim of the home warranty scam, then this information is for you. This article outlines how the home warranty works, why people believe it’s a scam, and how you can prevent it. […]

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Best Hamburger in Long Beach

There is something about a good hamburger that turns ordinary people into drooling machines.  And the rest of the world seems to laugh at the hamburger, making jokes that this is American cuisine at it’s finest.  They shut up pretty quick when they have a good hamburger.  Anyway of all the burger joints, which one [...]

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Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale June 2016

And we’re back at it again, looking at Long Beach Most Expensive Home for Sale for June 2016.  Believe it or nuts, The Toledo is still the most expensive home.  But rather than copy-paste that blog article here we’ll take a look at Long Beach’s 2nd Most Expensive home.  Bust out the Cristal my pretties because [...]

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What is an HOA (Home Owner’s Association)?

If you’re looking for a Long Beach Condo for Sale, you probably already know that these condominiums belong to a community, then it’s always good to have a basic understanding of the governing body.  That governing body is referred to as the Home Owner’s Association (HOA).  Let’s jump in! […]

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What are HOA Fees?

For many first time home buyers, their first investment is into a condominium.  This condominium is part of a community and these community’s have shared ownership and responsibilities.  How does all of this impact you?  Let’s explore what HOA fees are and how they impact you. […]

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Marina Pacifica Open House

I’ve been doing open houses.  As many as I possibly can.  It’s a great way for me to interact with people and potentially find new clients.  But what happens when hardly anyone shows up at your open houses?  Especially a Marina Pacifica Open House?  Let’s find out! […]

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