Best Hamburger in Long Beach

Best Hamburger in Long Beach

There is something about a good hamburger that turns ordinary people into drooling machines.  And the rest of the world seems to laugh at the hamburger, making jokes that this is American cuisine at it’s finest.  They shut up pretty quick when they have a good hamburger.  Anyway of all the burger joints, which one earns the title of Best Hamburger in Long Beach?

Best Hamburger Long Beach

Best Burger Long Beach MVPsWithout a doubt, the best hamburger in Long Beach belongs to MVP’s.

This is pretty controversial.  People are passionate about their burgers.  But hear me out.

Compared to the best restaurant in Long Beach, MVPs certainly is not known for their fine dining experience.  There’s no table-side service like you would expect from the bistro pubs.  Their focus is solely on providing a great burger.

With that being said, the reader needs to strip away the fancy exterior, the white glove service, and examine the burger itself.

MVPs - Back AreaFor the uninitiated, MVPs serves a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, and burritos with each one named after a famous athlete.  Either past or present.  If I’m dropping names of athletes in this article, understand that I’m referring to the meal and not the actual athlete.  Eating Joe Namath sounds weird on so many levels.

Moving on.

I don’t care of the bun is imported from France.  A team of virgins hand picked the lettuce? You paid $200 for that burger?  What I do care about is the taste.  And MVP’s delivers that taste.

To get more specific: my favorite burger on the menu is George Forman V (or George Forman Number Five).  Avocado, bacon and hamburger. Oh yeah.  Some secret sauce which I believe is a version of thousand island salad dressing.

I admit: I’m not a fan of the french fries.  Or the Cajun Fries.  I do like the Cajun Sauce.  For french fries, I’m a shoe-string kind of guy.

MVPs InteriorThis is a beach burger joint, even though it’s not on the beach.  Fortunately this is a major step up compared to the “front of the house” burger stand that MVPs use to be.  Did you go there?

Anyway, I was surprised to see the additional seating in the back of the restaurant.  Of course if you want to sit inside, and catch the game, you most certainly can.  The front windows completely open up to allow airflow, keeping you cool if you’re seated inside.

Is there anything else there?  Tons.  My favorite hot dog is the Joe Namath.  The sausage, along with the philly steak, sautéed onions.  Even that generic French’s mustard on top makes it taste incredible.

In conclusion, 730 Reviews (as of this writing) gave MVPs a solid 4 stars out of five.  Obviously people didn’t vote the George Forman Number 5 as the best burger however the popularity of the place does show that MVPs stands out.  Another reason why I classify this as one of Long Beach’s best hamburgers.

What is your thoughts?  Do you like MVPs?  Is there another burger you found in Long Beach you think is better?

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