Best Breakfast Long Beach: Sweet Dixie Kitchen

Best Breakfast Long Beach: Sweet Dixie Kitchen

Sweet Dixie Kitchen. Hands down the best cinnamon roles in Long Beach. And I should know considering I’m a cinnamon role connoisseur. So how does this little, unassuming shop take on the role as being one of the places with the best breakfast in Long Beach.

Best Breakfast Long Beach: Starts with Love

Sweet Dixie Kitchen Counter

Located on the corner of 3rd and Elm, this Sweet Dixie Kitchen almost looks like your grandma’s house. Well, at least my grandma’s house in the country. Hand-Made wooden signs adorn the interior with an old country style feel everywhere.

When you’re ready to order, approach the counter. If you can stop drooling over the variety of sweets that are sitting there you should be alright. But don’t touch the cinnamon roles!  They’re mine.

Let’s go down the list of things that makes this place a “best breakfast in Long Beach”.


The menu is varied. Certainly, you’ll see your south-western flare on the menu. But most of the food leans towards southern-comfort food. And I’m not talking about good laced with Southern Comfort the alcohol. No, this is food straight from Georgia. The biscuits here are so stinking good. I make it a point to come here on Thanksgiving and Christmas to get the biscuits that I like. The lavender cheddar cheese biscuits are my favs. Yes, I said “favs”. Get over it.

Best Breakfast Long Beach Sweet DixieI stated before about my love affair with the cinnamon roll. They came out with a caramel bacon cinnamon roll which didn’t do anything for me. The biscuits and sausage gravy will also make you cry. Their skillet dishes are enough to make anyone happy.

My staple breakfast munchie is the Brett’wich.  I don’t even really care that there are other ingredients in this delicious treat.  Just the fact that it has a biscuit in it …  Usually I order it with a biscuit different than the jalapeno simply because I feel the raw heat over powers the rest of the sandwich.

I admit that I don’t care for scones.  At all.  However this place makes scones that I love and eat on a routine basis while I’m waiting for my Brett’wich.  My favorite scone being the strawberry.


Every time I’m here, I’m greeted with a smile. Service can be a bit slow because the kitchen is on the smaller size. But if you want fast food, go visit either the king, the clown or the colonel.

This is a family business and, on occasion, tensions can rise.  But show me a single restaurant in the US where tension has never flared in the kitchen.

This place is somewhere that you can take your time and chat with friends. Enjoy some of that nice coffee. Speaking of which …


Sweet Dixie Kitchen DecorationTheir coffee is great. Much better than what you’ll get at Denny’s and won’t leave your stomach feeling like a cauldron. When they make their coffee, they put it into some medium size insulated coffee distillers. This way, the coffee won’t burn but will stay nice and hot. Because the distillers are medium size, fresh coffee is brewing almost constantly.


Sweet Dixie’s hits all the right spots. Good food, good service and good coffee. The three main ingredients for any place that would have the title of “Best Breakfast in Long Beach”.

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