Best Breakfast in Long Beach: Berlin Bistro

Best Breakfast in Long Beach: Berlin Bistro

Long Beach is bursting at the seams with great restaurants.  I tip my hat to those who are brave enough, and gutsy enough, to put their cuisine forward for the world to sample and either love, or trash, online.  Many places serve a great breakfast.  But few would be considered to be the best breakfast in Long Beach like Berlin Bistro.

Here’s a video for your eyes.

Best Breakfast Long Beach:  Berlin Bistro

So what really defines a “best breakfast in Long Beach” restaurant?  What separates this place from the others?  Here is my checklist.

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When you approach Berlin Bistro, you’re automatically pressed with a challenge.  Do you eat outdoors in this beautiful weather or do you venture inside?  People in California don’t realize just how lucky they got it, being able to eat outdoors.  But let’s pretend you’re going to eat inside.

When you first enter, you’ll feel like your in an urban gastro pub.  Clean, sparse, lots of wood.  The smell of pastries greets you when you walk in.  No feeling or sense of claustrophobia here.  A large glass wall lets in plenty of sunlight and the ceilings extend upwards for at least 50 feet.  In the center of the front room is a large table that could easily sit 12 to 15 people.  It’s a nice community table where a good cup of coffee is the only price to joining the conversation.

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bestbreakfastlongbeachThe menu system is different.  During the week, it’s a lighter version than the weekend.  Something to keep in mind.  The first few times I went, I ordered the Nova Scotia.  Delicious smoked salmon, poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce.  I’m hungry just thinking about it!  Then one day, it was gone from the menu and I ordered their French Toast Brioche.  It was still delicious but my heart was set on the Nova Scotia.  Come to find out: they have a breakfast menu and a brunch menu.  The breakfast menu is during the week; the brunch is on the weekends.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Nova Scotia is my favorite “brunch” item.  I’ve never been a fan of poached eggs but in concert with salmon, dill and hollandaise … yeah, it’s good.  Hollandaise is tricky because most restaurants serve it out of a can.  So kudos for those brave enough to make it by hand.

Because of their small space, they really do have a quick turn over on their food.  Nothing sits around in their kitchen or in some large refrigerator for days on end.  “Fresh” is always a term I think of when heading to Berlin Bistro.

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The final requirement to be considered for the best breakfast in Long Beach is coffee.  The coffee here is great.  I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to coffee so nothing fancy for me s’il vous plait.  However my spouse and friends all rave about the cappuccino and the mochas being served here.  Their word is good enough for me.  The black coffee is a bit more expensive then what you would find at a greasy spoon.  But this place certainly is not a greasy spoon.  And their coffee is better.

Final Thoughts

Most of the parking in the area is metered but this isn’t like Huntington Beach where 25 cents buys you 10 minutes.  And if you forgot your change, no worries.  The meters accept credit cards.

All in all, Berlin Bistro definitely qualifies as one of the top spots for best breakfast in Long Beach.

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